Heidi Niemala is a New York-based fashion photographer best known for her ethereal images. Her work for clients like Air France, Nieman Marcus, Target, Brizo, Caress, and Vogue has been described as “transcendent” and “creating tangible desire in the mind of the viewer.” Heidi has been honored with more than 25 Addy Awards from the American Advertising Federation. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Hasselblad Master award celebrating the world’s most extraordinary photographic talent. Born and raised in Virginia, Heidi began her professional life in front of the camera. After six years of modeling, she attended college in Virginia and returned to the fashion industry as a photographer (with a unique eye because of her previous experience as a model). Heidi’s work caught the eye of creative directors and fashion editors alike, who praised her “ethereal images” that “stand the test of time.” Heidi’s work has appeared in countless fashion/lifestyle magazines. Her work is also seen in many successful advertising projects.

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